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HOURLY RATE: $ 150 per hour for all work performed on file.  Out of office time is charged from portal to portal, including travel time, unless prior arrangements have been made.  ($225 per hour is charged for activities requiring two persons to accomplish, such as forensic mapping. Travel time for assignments located more than 50 miles one way from the office is billed at $ 80 per hour.)

($ 125 per hour is charged to governmental agencies)


RETAINER:       May be required:                   $ 1000 for civil cases
                                                                   $ 1500 for criminal defense cases
(* Not required from governmental agencies or past clients with satisfactory payment records)


EXPENSES:    Actual expenses incurred, including office supplies, film, photo processing, travel expenses, as necessary.  Major expense items will be cleared with client prior to expenditure of funds.


MILEAGE:         $ 0.75   per actual mile traveled on behalf of the file.
                        $ 0.55 per mile charged to governmental agencies)


TESTIMONY:     A one hour minimum applies, then actual time is billed at the appropriate rate.  Travel to and from the appearance and waiting time are billed at the regular hourly rate as indicated above.

                        Arbitration Hearing -        $ 160 per hour
                        Courtroom Testimony  -   $ 180 per hour


DEPOSITIONS:  Deposition, up to two hours of testimony -                $ 525.00
                         Deposition, two to three hours of testimony -            $ 700.00
                         Deposition, three to four hours of testimony -            $ 875.00
 (Deposition testimony is billed to the opposing attorney and a check for the appropriate amount is required prior to the deposition, with any remaining balance billed upon completion of the deposition.)    


GENERAL:    Fees on individual cases may be negotiated prior to beginning of work.  In all cases, our efforts are directed to minimizing expense to the client while providing complete and professional service.


We now accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express but we must add a 3.8% processing fee.



Effective October 1, 2013