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Accident Reconstruction Associates has been providing professional accident reconstruction and expert witness services since 1999.  Do not be misled -- each of our Collision Reconstruction Specialists has been investigating and reconstructing traffic collisions for more than thirty years!   Michael Broughton and Laurence Cripe combined their talents to form a single, full service accident reconstruction company.  Our clients appreciate our timeliness, quality, and integrity.  ARA offices are located in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, though we are ready and willing to travel wherever our services are needed.

We provide a full range of services to our clients.  Accident Reconstruction Associates represents both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation, and we represent defendants in criminal cases arising from traffic incidents (though we are certainly available to assist police and prosecutors when called upon).  We can measure and diagram any type of scene or location using a laser total station.  Both men have extensive courtroom experience and are recognized as expert witnesses in courts throughout the state of Arizona and in other states as well. 

Accident Reconstruction Associates are able to expertly handle any type of vehicle collision.  Michael Broughton specializes in pedestrian and bicycle accident cases, and can, of course, handle all types of vehicle collisions.  Laurence Cripe handles all types of vehicular collisions.  Both men rely on their law enforcement experience to assist with the defense of those charges with serious crimes arising from traffic incidents.  These specialties allow ARA to provide the best expert for your case.

The field of accident reconstruction continues to evolve, and we strive to remain current and increase our skill level by attending ongoing training classes and seminars.  We have developed relationships with experts in related disciplines, such as traffic engineering, biomechanics, human factors, lighting and visibility, etc.  We would be happy to provide referrals or references upon request.