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Accident Reconstruction Associates is a full service accident reconstruction firm.  We are ready and willing to assist you with whatever level of service your case requires -- from a desk review through a full analysis involving field work, analysis, preparation of reports, and expert witness testimony.  You are the customer, you decide on the level of service that you require.  It should be pointed out that the more extensive the analysis, the more comprehensive and well-founded our opinions and conclusions will be.

Desk Review        A desk review is the lowest level of service that we offer.  We will spend up to four hours reviewing reports, photographs, statements and other available data.  We will provide you with a written summary of our findings (generally less than two pages) or a verbal report.  This is an excellent tool if you are not certain whether sufficient information is available to allow a full analysis of your case and/or if you are interested in finding out whether your case has a reasonable likelihood of success.  As with all of our analyses, we will provide you with the favorable and  any unfavorable aspects of the case so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed.

Collision Analysis        Collision analysis can involve varying levels of service.  Review of available data, preparation of diagrams, mathematical analysis of speeds, time-distance analysis, and other areas of interest may be included.  Typically, we will evaluate witness and driver statements to see how well they are corroborated by the physical evidence.  We also evaluate the work of the other expert, when available.  Our findings will be discussed with you, our client, so that you can make a decision about the preparation of a written report.  We can also work with other experts on issues such as visibility, occupant kinematics, traffic engineering, and other relevant topics which may arise.  It is imperative that we be provided with all pertinent data so that our analysis can be based on all available physical and testimonial evidence.  Surprises at deposition or trial are good for Perry Mason, but bad for your experts and your case!

Client Assistance        We are always prepared assist you with the preparation of the accident reconstruction portion of your case.  By helping you understand the accident reconstruction issues, we can prepare you for the deposition and/or trial cross-examination of the opposing expert.  We can help you to be most effective and to highlight the beneficial aspects of your case while getting the other expert to admit the pitfalls of his client's position.  It is often beneficial to consult with us prior to taking any deposition in the case, as there may be specific issues from witnesses, drivers or passengers which need to be addressed.  Likewise, before you, or your investigator, interview a witness, we would like to provide input so that the interview can provide maximum benefit to your client.                                                     

Expert Witness Testimony        This is the pinnacle of each case.  Whether at deposition or trial, we work with you in preparing for our testimony.  Both of our Collision Reconstruction Specialists have extensive testimonial experience in all types of proceedings. We always want to highlight the areas of most interest to you, and we value your thoughts and input.  We will also provide input on issues which we think are important.  Of course, our testimony will always be consistent with the physical evidence and the physics behind accident reconstruction.